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A premier provider of vacations for discerning travelers,?Classic Vacations offers a full line of luxury accommodations (including suites, villas, residences, and multi-bedroom units); transportation and transfer options; events such as destination weddings; pre- and post-cruise accommodation; and unique tours and excursions.

In addition, a robust portfolio of special offerings via partner companies includes private yachts, cruises, private villas, private planes, and outreach experience opportunities in Africa, Ecuador, and India. Classic recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and added Asia as its newest destination in the lineup which also includes Australia, Canada, the Caribbean and Bermuda, Costa Rica, Dubai, Europe, Fiji, Hawaii, Maldives, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Seychelles, Tahiti, and the continental United States.

Key Facts

  • Founded in 1978
  • Joined Expedia Group in 2002
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